Loosing Weight – Healthy

If you want to reduce your weight, 3 important rules are mandatory.


Check how many calories you eat within a whole day. Then check how many calories you burn within a day. The difference of these two numbers should be negative (you should burn more calories than you eat). Than you loose pounds.

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loosing weight


  • Typical local and fresh products
  • Lots of fresh fish
  • Less meat
  • Carbohydrates with a high glycaemic load
  • 5 vegetable or fruit portions per day
  • 2-3 l liquid (tea, water, juice with water)
  • Less chocolate, margarine and high industry manufactured (instant) products
  • Less sugar in coke, sweats etc.

3. Regular TRAINING

2 – 3 times a week endurance sport
(the best is running), for at least 45 min
1 – 2 general fitness training, 45 – 60 min

It is my pleasure to provide you with an individual and professional
program for you.

More information about Healthy Nutrition: watch here


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