In 2006 I completed a 2-year education from spt-education to be a DOSB (German Olympic sportsbund) approved sports physio therapist.

As sports physiotherapist I use methods such as lymphatic drainage, sports massage, kinesiotaping, manual therapy or specific remedial gymnastics to get a fast recovery or to prevent injuries.

A main issue in sports therapy is the preventive training of core muscles (core training). This functional training is a main requirement to prevent injuries and to prepare the body for difficult situations in sports or daily routine.

Sportverletzung beim Fussball

Sports injury socker

Depending on the goals of the sports person (rehab, prevention, regeneration) I develop individual rehab or regeneration strategies and a training plan. Main goal is to obtain and attain the full capacity in sports or daily business.

Target group

  • Professional individual sports people
  • Squad athlets
  • Artists
  • Sportsteams

Mentored athlets/
teams in the past

  • Paul Voss (cyclist)
  • Daniel Crisp (Artist – Chamäleon Theater Berlin)
  • Rainer Kiworra (extreme sports person – cyclist)
  • DLRG Luckenwalde (swim team)