More than just condition training

Run training is always very specific: it depends on your goals.

Do you want to start with running, reduce your weight, run your first marathon, finish a fast 10k race or just want to feel fit and healthy?

During my training sessions you usually learn your own optimal running technique. Furthermore the training leads to an increase in your performance or makes you feel healthier.

Lauftraining an der frischen Luft

Lauftraining an der frischen Luft


  • You can start running everywhere without equipment.
  • It’s one of the best cardiovascular trainings and increases your health and body defenses.
  • It’s ideal to reduce and control your weight.
  • Running is a good balance between job and daily routine.
  • It’s a basis for lots of other free time activities.

Recommend is the training outdoors!

I will escort und support you during the run training and will provide you with your individual training plan. And I show you how to integrate your run training in your life.


  • Running for beginners
  • Analysis of running style and technique training
  • Running ABC
  • Strenght and coordination exercises
  • Running stabilisation – core training
  • Preparation for half marathon and marathon
  • Nutrition for training and competition

With my own experiences from half marathon and marathon distances I can give you my personal advices for your individual race preparation.