Healthy Nutrition

A healthy diet is the basis for health and physical well-being. Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are necessary for our somatic functions and provide us with energy.

Ziel: eine ausgewogene Ernährung

An adequate nutrition should have the following requirements:

  • Provide the body with all important and essential Macro and Micro nutrients in the amount that is necessary.
  • Conform the genetic adaptation of the human body.
  • Products should be fresh, rich in natural nutrients and from your region (esp. vegetables and fruits).
  • Food shouldn’t be produced in industry too much and should be free of chemical additives or toxic.

The products you eat directly influence your individual energy, mental balance and physical condition. Physical and psychiccomplaints are often reasoned by a deficient number of essential nutrients.


During my nutrition sessions I won’t provide simple nutrition plans; I will impart knowledge that will lead to a self dependent eat and drink behavior.

  • Nutrition anamnesis
  • Analysis of food habits and behavior
  • Impart knowledge of macro and micro food and functional relation
  • Definition of goal
  • Step for step going into life
  • Control of success


It’s recommended to book 3 sessions:

  • first consultation and nutrition anamnesis – 90 min
  • second consultation – 60 min
  • every following consultation 30-60 min

For more information, please contact me and I will advice and support you to eat healthy.