TRX-Suspensions Trainer

TRX-Suspensions Trainer



Bring functionality into your training

  • perfect course of motions
  • strengthen muscle groups
  • eliminate individual weaknesses
  • prevent injuries


Function means sense or purpose. Functional training therefore is a practicable training. If one checks the traditional strength training on machines in reference to its functionality, one will see that the machine takes the stability from the person who uses it and is limited to train only one joint. But if you have a look on sports routine and see how many joints one uses and how much stability one needs, traditional strength training is simply not functional.

Therefore exercises within functional training include complex course of motions that claim more joints and muscles at one time.

Functional training is based on exercises from athletic sports and gymnastics, f. e. knee bend and lunge for leg muscles, extraction and and pushing for upper body. The resistance is mainly the own body weight. A good body tension is necessary.


Functional training was developed for professional and non-professional sports people who want to increase their performance and prevent injuries. Also everybody who does fitness sports will benefit from the interesting exercises. Furthermore functional training is used successfully in rehab.

The training conveys basic exercises in different variations, on different materials with or without tools.


Once the basic exercises with the own body weight are easy to handle, different fitness tools such als:

  • Swiss Ball
  • Tubes/Powerbands
  • Medicine ball/Dynafit-Ball
  • AIREX balance pad/Vario-Pad
  • TRX Suspension trainer/TRX Rip trainer
  • Kettlebells

will be used to get an even more effective training.

Special: Functional Kettlebell Training

As certified kettlebell instructor I offer in addition to functional training a specific full body training for strength, condition and motion: kettlebell training.

When to use kettlebell training

  • therapy and training for back, shoulder and hips
  • strength for core, arms and legs (full body training)
  • weight reduction and body definition


  • training is possible everywhere
  • limited time is necessary
  • less equipment
  • ideal in addition to other sports (football, tennis)
Kettlebell Training

Kettlebell Training