Fitness and strength training

Fitness and strength training is the classic way to train your body. With a directed and systematic training the performance of your body will increase physical and mental. So make your body more flexible, stronger and more sustained.

Fitness check: Before the first training starts a fitness check will be done to check which muscles are too short or too weak and if any imbalances occur.

The results will be reviewed together and an individual training plan provided.

Athletiktraining Pezziball

Fitness Crunch


  • Improve your fitness and increase your life quality
  • Body shaping
  • Build up your muscles
  • Improvement of your body posture and a stronger back
  • Preparation for the next season (ski, golf, tennis)

I offer different trainings methods for professional and non professional sports people, people who want to have a better body shape and people with a healthy sense. I focus on three facts within my training: mobility, core stability and getting a stronger body.

With me as a trainer and physio therapist you benefit from the training twice: an excellent mentoring and motivation during the one to one training and exercises those fit you perfectly and are healthy.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a fitness and strength training or if you have any questions in advance.