• Dysbalance of muscles (due to partly stress)
  • Week muscles, especially of the deep core muscles
  • To strong demanded muscles (hardening due to overload or malposition)
  • Bad mobility of spine
  • Ineffective or wrong training
  • Too little mobility during daily routine


Specific exercise and invigoration will strengthen your back muscles, eliminate wrong posture, prevent chronic back pain and will lead to less back pain. Less exercise is the wrong way; it leads to even more pain. Come and be active and avoid chronic back pain.


back pain


At the beginning I will test if the spine has a free mobility, if muscles are to short or to week and will look how your mobility is in general.

If deficits occur, these must be cured physio therapeutical. Afterwards the training consisting of strengthening and expansion of specific muscles can start.

At the beginning easy exercises will lead to stronger muscles (core-training), later functional exercises will follow to train the complete composure and mobility system.


My choice of physio therapeutically and fitness exercises will strengthen the deeper abs and back muscles. Not only single muscles will be trained but also whole muscle groups. Especially the muscles near the spine will be trained and strengthen.

The training won’t be on machines, you will train with your own body and small tools such as gymnastic ball, medicine ball, theraband, TOGU-Balance or Blackroll-Orange.

This specific core training is not only helpful with back pain but also is the basis for lots of sports such as golf, tennis or football.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact me!

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